Where It All Started

Dr. Amanda Renee was born and raised in the city of Chicago. Chicago is known for its unique architecture, museums, sports teams, die-hard sports fans, skyscrapers, and of course many, many options of great tasting food. Living in a fast-paced environment was an amazing experience. As a native of the city, she enjoys the buzzing energy of the people and the stunning beautiful skylines. Having traveled all over the world, experiencing different places, people and cultures, she is drawn to the heartbeat of each new town. From live entertainment, plays and jazz clubs, to the laughter of camaraderie – one thing is for certain – there is never a dull moment. As a descendant of Sylvan Hicks, her great grandfather who had been a bootlegger and moonshiner of whisky in the late 1800’s in Mississippi provided more motivation for her to enter the spirits industry. Afterall it was in her DNA! What you have in front of you is the testament and commitment to develop a premium vodka. Thus, her ancestry along with the love of the city became the foundation of CITYNYTES™ vodka.

Who We Are

CITYNYTES™ was founded on a vision to create a smooth silky vodka that did not sting or leave a bitter aftertaste; but instead heightened the senses. The unique flavor combinations of and blending them with the rustic taste of hemp delivers a mouthwatering surprise. Soft on the palate with a small bite, is what makes CITYNYTES™ an one-of-a-kind award winning extraordinary vodka. Years in the making, taking time to perfect the formula ensuring the recipe was right was the most important objective in the process. Whether you are enjoying a drink with family and friends or taking it easy, savor every moment with the CITYNYTES™ experience.

Our Core Values

Inclusiveness: As a woman owned brand, we understand the significance of being open and accepting to all. We value every individual for what makes them unique while encouraging everyone to be bold, be kind and most importantly be yourself!

Service: We are committed to giving back to the community. In that vein, we partner with non-profit and local organizations to help strengthen their efforts in making the world a better place for all.

Quality: Our vodkas are made with the best ingredients and use state of the art manufacturing process bringing you a great tasting experience.

Responsibility: We want our customers to experience each moment life has to offer. While enjoying our products we insist they are consumed safely and responsibly.

Community Engagement

Illinois State University Black Colleagues Association (ISUBCA) Scholarship Sponsor: For three years in a row, CITYNYTES™ Vodka has been a proud sponsor of the ISUBCA Scholarship Program. Since 1987, the ISUBCA has awarded more than $358,700 in scholarships to future leaders and difference makers. ISU Black Colleagues Association