All CITYNYTES™ vodkas are:

Bottled in the USA
Crafted in small batches
Kosher and made with grains
Infused with all-natural hemp seeds


Spicy, Sweet, Natural

Allow these spicy sweet aromas to transport you to a beach front where your toes are nestled into warm sands under the cool shade of a tropical umbrella. Our Ginger, Honey & Hemp vodka is inspired by Asian culture with a twist. We combine the sweet, mild, pleasant taste of honey, spicy bold aromatic ginger, with stout, earthy notes of hemp that leads to a surprisingly flavorful experience.

Delightful Notes of Late Summer

Drink in the crisp taste of summer around the campfire and days spent hiking through blooming meadows with our sultry tasting Honey Apple & Hemp Vodka. This rich spirit features distinctive apple and soothing honey paired with the woodsy taste of hemp. Bursting with vibrant fruity notes this vodka possesses an irresistibly smooth full-bodied finish for the ultimate summertime spirit.

A Delectable, Outdoorsy Medley

Bathe in the late summer sun as you drink in the taste of everyone’s summertime fruit, pineapple. Our pineapple lemonade vodka pairs three unsuspecting ingredients together to produce an explosion of flavors on your palate. Savor the silky-smooth finish made to the highest notes of fresh sweet pineapples and lemons paired with the firewood taste of hemp. This unusual combination creates a shockingly enjoyable, ready to drink spirit.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Is Hemp and Marijuana the same? No

  • Hemp will NOT make you “high.”
    Our vodkas contain LESS than 0.03% of THC by dry weight.

  • Marijuana WILL make you “high.”
    It contains MORE than 0.03% of THC by dry weight.
  • So what’s the difference?
    Hemp is differentiated from marijuana by the amount of THC produced by the plant.
  • What is THC?
    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the intoxicating cannabinoid in marijuana.
  • Will you test positive on a drug test if you drink CITYNYTES™ hemp vodka?


How It’s Made

With the finest ingredients, unique steeping process, and made with love, each bottle shows our commitment to offer you an experience unlike any other.


    We believe in quality – by using natural ingredients and gluten-free, specially selected American grain, without any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), we are delighted to create a unique taste for everyone to enjoy.

    We also use hemp – a plant that contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the chemical that creates the ‘high.’ With levels so low, you’ll enjoy the taste without the “euphoric” effect.


    First, we formulate the mash by combining the crushed, gluten-free, specialty selected American grain with water. This mash then goes through a natural process of blending the natural fruits and spices in a liquid to extract the raw juices. We then infuse the mixture to enhance the flavors as we introduce a specialized CITYNYTES™ recipe to bring the spirit to life.


    To remove any impurities, our vodkas go through a state of the art filtration process.


    We take our time to make sure the perfect formula is created….every time. Our quality control specialists ensure the vodkas are cut to proof and are consistent with each bottle.


    The small batches are made with love then bottled, packaged, and ready for you to enjoy!